Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Just like last year, I got dressed up for Halloween.  Actually, I got dressed up several times this year because there were more parties to attend than last year.  Of course, there was the traditional visit to Bisbee, AZ.  And my Boy Scouts will of course be having a costume party.  Unfortunately, the rest of the guild couldn't make it to Bisbee due to not having the money (thanks for the shutdown, Congress) but we'll be getting together to cash the rain check on All Saint's Day.
You can see the difference from last year's article; I chose a different science fiction franchise to base my costume on this year.  My girlfriend and I chose to be Leela and Fry, respectively, for this year.  We could switch it around for next year.  The big benefit is that this year's costume was much easier to assemble.  It's just orange hair spray, a red jacket, white shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of Chucks.  You can get it all on a single Amazon (no affiliate link here, sorry for the lack of spam) order.  Wow, this is going to be a short article.
Leela and Fry

The Hair

My girlfriend used a more permanent purple dye for her hair but I chose a temporary orange hair spray.  It washes right out with shampoo.  Before the orange went on, I styled my hair to stand up in the front with generic extra-hold gel.  
One tip, really do follow the directions regarding how far away to hold the spray can.  Too close and the spray doesn't turn into aerosol right.  It'll go straight through your hair and drip down the side of your head.  Six to eight inches away got the best coverage.  

The Clothes

White T-shirt, blue jeans, black Converse All-Stars and whatever red jacket isn't sold out.  I had seen an article that recommended a particular jacket but it was sold out in red in my size so I chose a different one.  
My girlfriend is in a white tank top and black yoga pants with big clonky boots.  Leela's eye is a mask bought online.  It's mesh like a window screen so she can see out of it and even covers the front of my girlfriend's glasses.  Nibbler was bought online as well.  We made Leela's gauntlet out of a foam sleeping pad and spray paint, with Velcro closure.  
The tattoos aren't canon. 

We had a great time this year and a lot of people recognized who we were supposed to be.  Which really is the mark of a well-made costume.