Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's time!

Here we go. It's time for another of my infamous "Here's what's coming" posts. Where I promise more shit you won't see for months, if ever.
No, really, I'm playing around with Muro as a way to lay down the 4-panel in my head. What I really want to play around with is the upcoming Wii Wacom tablet with content creation sites like Muro and Aviary and really lay it down!
I also want to conduct a bit of an experiment. I've got to keep the details a bit hush-hush right now so I don't throw off the results. (Honestly, I left this site dead for so long I really don't think it'll matter.) But anyway, the experiment will require me to turn on ads to gather some quantitative metrics. I know, I know, but if my hypothesis is correct it won't make any difference. 
In other news, if you're with me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I'm busy with Scouts and work and more Scouts. If I could make as much from my hobbies as I do from my job, my boss would never see my sorry butt again!