Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That Town Hall Might As Well Have Been An Airline Cabin

The US Army has a big problem communicating its goals from top to bottom.  I've just sat through a town hall meeting where the commanding general of Army Cyber Command, LTG Cardon, talked about his plans for his command and where the organization I work for, Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), fits in.
I don't have a problem with the lack of detail in this high level overview.  The man only talked for twenty minutes.  My gripe, really just one of many right now, is that the detail never resolves to any usable course of action at my level.  I will never find out what the general's vision will do for my task list.  I won't receive any direction from my supervisors on what training, not that there's a training budget, to request to keep my skills relevant to the command in the future.
Now, somebody knows what skill set they're looking for because the general said the organization's mission and workforce will be expanding.  So presumably there will be job announcements listing what skills they want to hire and discussions with colleges on what skills to build at school.  But I will not see anything about where I, stuck at the level cap in an IT job, should go to be able to contribute to the Army's mission.
[Edited to correct name and rank of Commanding General, ARCYBER.]