Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brew Fail

Well, that sucks.
You'll recall that I was brewing up an Irish Red beer last February; which turned out great, by the way.  I took a bit of a break to concentrate on mead for my friend's wedding reception and then I started a brown ale.  Which I ruined.  It was only a one gallon fermenter but still.  Down the drain.
It started off poorly when the wort boiled over.  Huge hoppy, malty mess all over the stove top.  Then I got it into the fermenter and the yeast took off for a day.  Just about blew the airlock off the stopper.  Lots of foam.  And then it just stopped, 24 hours of massive activity then nothing.  The yeast settled to the bottom and it never fermented.
I think I burned the sugar when I was brewing up the malt.  Or it could have blown all the sugar out one of those times it all overflowed.
Anyway, I did admit to not being an expert.  I've gotten a couple successful batches out and this time I didn't.  I'll obviously keep trying.