Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blogger Problems

I've reported this issue several times but it isn't getting fixed.  Well, there's several issues between Blogger and Firefox and but this one is about not being signed in when I view my blog in order to moderate it.  Blogger just refuses to keep me signed in.  I want to, need to, moderate comments because as much as I enjoy porn website link spam, I really enjoy being able to report spam and block it from this family-friendly blog.  So until I can do something about this, all comments are hidden. 
There's another problem where Blogger and Firefox don't work together and that's when I publish a post and Blogger is supposed to automatically share to Google+.  I just get a grayed-out screen and the browser fails to display the sharing window.  I may end up turning that off and relying on manual sharing even on Chrome.
Well, that's enough complaining for now.  I'll clean up the comments when I get home and continue to report problems when a Google feature doesn't work with a common browser.