Thursday, December 11, 2014

Viking Conquest

Game publisher Taleworlds Entertainment, of Mount & Blade fame, has just released new downloadable content for that game, called Viking Conquest.  This follows earlier DLC expansions like With Fire and Steel and Warband itself to fill out the Mount & Blade franchise.  Viking Conquest is based on the Brytenwalda mod from the developer of the same name.
Viking Conquest is set in northern Europe during the 9th Century.  The largest new dimension for this expansion is ships and sea combat.  Players can fight on and between Scandinavia, Denmark, and the British Isles.  The game also includes a new personality aspect during character creation which unlocks different conversation options during game play.  In Mount & Blade Warband the continent of Calradia was divided between six factions, each with its own unique culture.  Mount & Blade Viking Conquest uses archeological information to flesh out twenty-one kingdoms across six cultures based on the real peoples of Middle Ages Europe.
Like Warband, Viking Conquest is available on Linux and other platforms, showing off Taleworlds' strategy for platform-agnostic gaming.  We can definitely expect upcoming Mount & Blade sequel Bannerlord to be released on all available platforms.
While Viking Conquest is expected to be the last new content released before the sequel, building up a well developed mod into official content could signal an interesting direction for Taleworlds.  Perhaps additional mods like Crusades era Anno Domini or, with licensing to J. R. R. Tolkien's estate, Last Days of the Third Age could find their way into official expansions.
Mount & Blade Viking Conquest is out now wherever you buy games and with a 10% launch discount until 18 December.

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