Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

Well, all the Halloween parties are over and it's time for my annual costuming article.  This year I went simple and formal, pairing a hooded cape and mask with my tuxedo.  Because of course I already had a tuxedo.  Like you do, you know.
The photo is blurry, not because it's a bad camera, but because it's a drunk photographer.

However, this year was a standout for great costumes.  Like this group of Disney villains.
Yes, Elsa.  We know which side she's on.
There's also this great Game of Thrones group.
George's next book is titled A Night of Booze and Vomit.
Books and movies with a large supporting cast make great group costumes.  Hunger Games is still a popular franchise with the next movie due out soon.
Again, it's not the camera, it's the photographer. 
But dressing as the main character can work if you do a good job of it like this maverick.
Nailed it.
There's also these folks.  I can't place where I know their costumes from.  Some old science fiction movie or something, I think.
Come to the Dark Side.  No reason.  Just, you know, if you want to hang out.
One last picture that wasn't too blurry to use.  I think Marvel needs to call him up.
Yes, that's Doctor Strange and Cleo.  Consider that movie advertised. 
Well, that's it for this holiday.  Next year's costume will either require a morphsuit or gundam armor; haven't decided yet.  Stay tuned to find out.