Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bugged By Comments

I've just discovered an odd bug occurring on my computer.  I can't post comments on YouTube.  That may be the curse you wish on most YouTube commentators but I swear it was going to be a civil remark.
A bit about my computer's background.  It's the iBuyPower i-series 301 I was just talking about.  Running "Precise Pangolin", Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but I've changed out the default browser for Chromium.  The biggest suspect culprit right now is Pipelight and or Chrome UA Spoofer.  These plug-ins enable such basic and necessary functions as Netflix viewing on Linux PCs.  Now, I've had issues with Pipelight  and YouTube before which is why I suspect it now.
The behavior is that clicking on the "Share your thoughts" comment box on any YouTube video flashes a pop-up window with a very long URL which immediately closes.  The comment box doesn't have focus after the window goes away so I can't start typing and the window doesn't stay long enough to copy the URL but it's a YouTube page.  This happens both while the video is still running and after it has ended.  Like and share works and I can make comments while sharing to Google+, just not on the video.
Well, that's something of a bug report, then.  Circumstances, behavior, and basic configuration.  More than what I used to get at work.  You cannot know how many customers called up with nothing more than "it broke".  That's so undefined there's no starting point for troubleshooting.  How many customers have cussed at me for trying to get enough information to even bother opening a ticket?  Too many.  I'm thankful I left that line of work so I can leave the bug reports in the hands of other people.  I'd better get back to gorging on videos or I'm going to be a mopey mess.

By the way, I was going to say "a wok" on this week's Still Untitled.