Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I was shopping for camping accessories today and noticed that it is Rayovac's 100 year anniversary.  They deserve some respect for staying in the flashlight and battery business for a century.  Anyway, I saw that they've re-released their classic metal tube flashlight as an LED torch.  Most kids of a certain age remember finding one of these in their grandparents' kitchen drawer and making it their lightsaber.  Now you recognize it.  Solid aluminum body, that multi-position switch.  Vrrrmmmm, whoo-kish, whoo-kish.  Yeah.

My first lightsaber
And because it is apparently retro flashlight day, Coleman has also released their classic lantern as a 4 D-cell powered LED photon generator.  This staple of campsite illumination is powered by 4 D-cell batteries or a rechargable cartridge.  I opted not to buy the cartridge, sold separately, not because I prefer batteries but their rechargable cartridge can only recharge off of a wall outlet.  I don't consider it camping if there's one of those nearby.  With its advertised run time, I'll be home again before I need to replace the batteries anyway.

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