Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Head's Up

I'm going to be making some changes around here soon. I want to tweak the color scheme; the current palette is too gray. I liked it better before the internet blackout on January 18 when there was a lot more red and it was more vibrant. I'm also going to change the layout, with things pushed towards the edges of the screen and more open space in the center. That will let me play around with the font size a bit too.

Yes, to answer the question, something did bring this about. As my readers here know, I'm assimilated into the Google ecosystem of features including Google+. And, if you may not have heard, they've just triggered a large user interface redesign, featuring vast tracts of #whitespace. I won't be stretching the layout that much here but it will definitely fit better on high resolution monitors because who is still running at 640 x 480 much less wants a UI designed for it.