Friday, February 18, 2011

Dungeon crawl? Not exactly.

Due to the current economic situation, network upgrades at work are a hard sell to make. It can be difficult convincing the powers that be to loosen the purse strings. Being a certified installer, as I am, lets the office counter most of the cost and scheduling objections that inevitably crop up.
I recently had the opportunity to install an extension to the fiber backbone in the building. It was just a simple bridge between two computer labs, but it got me into some of the locked cubbyholes in, and under, my office building.

It all starts at an ominously marked door. As we entered the accursed catacombs... Ha ha. But no, it was really dark in there. It's an old government building, so of course it has an old government fallout shelter. Sorry some of the pictures are so poor; a Motorola Droid is not night-vision equipment. Anyway the whole adventure was a day of wandering around above the ceiling panels and under the floorboards with a spool of network fiber.