Monday, January 25, 2010

Confessions and Rumors

My previous post was obviously a blatant attempt at traffic-whoring by using a hot-button issue like the TSA mistreatment of a child to drive eyeballs to my blog. What sort of mistreatment? Well, pranks like this. That sort of search engine gaming is low-brow, crude, immature, and inappropriate. All of these factors will improve. I promise to get much better at pushing your buttons and hope to achieve a level of spittle-drenched skull-detonating full-moron wharrgarbl very soon.

OK, enough with the stupid confession booth bullshit and on to the unsubstantiated rumors.

The "next big thing" from Apple, which they are announcing later this week, will be the iSlab, which will come with the new iPhone 4.0 operating system and optional accessories available at Cupertino's normal extortionate price. The iSlab will obviously have accessory attachments available. Without attachments, this new product would be just a big iPhone, otherwise known as a "Yes, Grandma, like a Kindle." Regardless of what it will be called, what it will come with, what its price will be, or even if it will exist at all, the Apple fanbois will be lining up in droves to buy one, if they aren't already.
As a special treat (no sorry I'm all out of those brownies), I have secured an image of the prototype.

From Blogger Pictures