Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Not Compelling

I've just completed a batch of mead following the recipe from Brewing Mead.  It's much better than the peach abomination I made last summer but it's still not as good as a commercial mead like Chaucer's.  The new technique to prep the honey paid off and the clarity is much better but my mead is quite dry.
Like I said in the previous article I made not mead but the more advanced metheglin.  The difference is the addition of a spiced tea before bottling.  I used Anaheim peppers from our local food cooperative.  The pepper tea reduced the clarity somewhat so I will need to work on processing the gruit.  Perhaps by extracting the flavor at a lower temperature.  I'll need a book on canning, I think.  Incidentally, the pepper pairs well with the dryness in this batch.  I think it is good but it's nothing like the mead you get at a Renaissance Fair.
Some time later, I'll try the sack mead recipe with more honey and sweet mead yeast.

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